CREAFED – Marketing & Text Creation

Your partner for text creation, content strategy and marketing support

Thanks to 20 years business experience, CREAFED offers a wide range of services tailored to your needs.

Centralize the writing of your marketing and commercial brochures, internal documents and scientific publications.

Delegate the content of your blog articles and web pages as part of a content strategy.

Also benefit from a full range of marketing support for the launch of your products or promotion of your services.

All in French, English or German.



You have excellent specialist knowledge and extensive professional experience which allow you to carry out the tasks entrusted to you in a highly competent manner. In addition, your working method is highly reliable, efficient and focused.

You have always brought and presented excellent and creative ideas, and made many valuable suggestions, while using strategic thinking, combined with extensive business experience.

I really enjoyed working with you and so admire your insights, your business acumen and your deep understanding of the overall business. Your ability to translate business into consumer speak is quite phenomenal!

I really enjoyed working and interacting with you.

I really appreciated your way of working and your competent advice on many issues.